KB896054 is broken?

KB89053 is the MS artical the tells you how to open CHM files from a remote location.

Several folks have inform me that MaxAllowedZone=1 no longer lets them open .CHM files located on a local server (ie. when it opens the right side can’t display content). Level 3 works but the KB article says to use level 1. Level 1 worked prior to IE7.

MaxAllowedZone (dword value) =1

IE security settings will effect applications that display content in the IE Browser (HH Viewer uses an embedded version of IE). Under IE7 you now need to open Internet Options > Local Intranet > Sites and enable the inclusion of intranet and network paths. Apparently no longer enabled by default anymore. Once you do this MaxAllowedZone=1 works as documented.

  1. Open Internet options dialog (IE7 > Tools > Options, or via the Control Panel)
  2. Click Local intranet, then click Sites button
  3. Uncheck the first checkbox, and check the other 3 checkboxes.

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4 Responses to KB896054 is broken?

  1. Rob says:

    Jeremy Cavner posts his experience with Windows 64bit

    with Windows Vista 64-bit (and presumably XP 64-bit), there is a small kink.

    I was editing the registry directly/manually, and changing the value of this key:
    to be “MaxAllowedZone”=dword:00000002

    However, in Vista 64-bit, that value is used by the 64-bit version of IE. But it’s the 32-bit version of IE that opens up by default, so all the registry adjustments I tried had no affect. Today I opened the 64-bit version of IE, and the TOC DOES show in it, given my edits above.

    The 32-bit version of IE actually gets values from a slightly different node, under the “WOW6432node” node!


    Setting “MaxAlloedZone” to 2 under the “Wow6432Node” path solved my problem! The Wow6432Node node is not mentioned in the KB article. But if you put these settings,


    into a text file with the extention .reg, then run/open it, the windows registry editor will merge them into your registry. In the case of Vista 64-bit, when the above settings are in a .REG file, reg edit actually somehow knows to update the path under the Wow6432node for some strange reason. So in this case, what you see is not what you get.


  2. Rob says:

    KB896054 also mentions an alternative fix using registry item “UrlAllowList=”

    It is more secure than “MaxAllowedZone=” since it can specify as little as just a single folder or CHM. Up until recently the command was useless as although it enabled the InfoTech (ITS) protocol to work over the Net, it still had no effect on the IE browser which is used to view the CHM pages.

    But looks like this problem has been fixed now (delivered via Windows Update) after about 12 months of not working.


  3. Andy says:


    You wrote that the “UrlAllowList” setting was broken and recently fixed by a Windows Update. Do you know the patch that fixes this problem? I was searching the MS knowledge base, but did not find any usefull information regarding this bug. Currently the “UrlAllowList” seems to have no effect on my machine, while “MaxAllowedZone” does work. We would like to recommend the “UrlAllowList” feature to customers, but if this solution may be broken, we need to know the patch that provides the fix.


  4. Rob says:

    Sorry I don’t know the patch. If your Windows is up to date then it should work now. I posted that late 2007 when I found it working again … I seem to remember a few others on the MS HelpAuthorinng NewsGroup also noticed it was working again. Yes it is annoying how some MS Code Jock will fix a bug and it mysteriously appears fixed one day.

    So all I can recommend is, tell the customer to use Solution #1 (UrlAllowList). And if that does not work then make sure they have the latest Windows update. And if that still does not work then they should go for Solution #2 (MaxAllowedZone).